(Senior) Pharmacist* (Contract)

Job ID:  5667
Job Function:  Pharmacist
Institution:  National University Hospital

Job Purpose:

To provide a safe, efficient and timely distribution (dispensing) of drugs in NUH. He/she co-ordinate activities in his/her area of purview to be in line with the objectives of the pharmacy department.


Job Responsibilities:


  • Review written order form (medication chart, medication record or prescription) to determine the drug needs of the patient, ensuring that overdoses have not been prescribed, that no toxic reactions will result from administration to the patient and that all drug orders are specific (contact physicians as necessary to review ambiguous or illegible prescriptions)
  • Fills prescriptions as ordered by attending physician
  • Explains directions for prescription use (drug therapy) to patients
  • Provides information to other health professionals
  • Ensure patients receive their medicines correctly in a timely manner
  • Informs prescribers of any drug interaction, adverse drug reactions, contraindications
  • Maintains a shelf inventory of medications and pharmaceutical supplies, ensuring that storage is in accordance with security, environmental and product shelf life parameters.

  • Implement and adhere to the policies, practices and regulations established by the Pharmacy Department, various NUH management committees and outside regulatory agencies pertaining to pharmacy

  • Performs inspections of drug storage areas throughout the hospital and performs other job-related duties as assigned.

  • Assist in acquisition of special items for patients with approval from senior pharmacist

  • Performs all aspects of supply of medications to patients independently

  • Assigns, oversees and closely reviews the work of pharmacy assistants, technicians and purchasing officers, who are responsible for performing a variety of cognitive tasks, such as filling routine prescriptions, mixing IV solutions, maintaining shelf inventories, delivering medications, maintaining Pharmacy records and the like

  • Maintains a variety of records pertaining to all phases of drug and supply ordering, storage and distribution as required by the hospital and/or legal regulations e.g. MOH pharmacy practice standards and JCI standards

  • Actively participates in Pharmacy education and development programmes. Providing lectures to other Pharmacy personnel and other hospital employees on pertinent topics and continued reading of journals, publications, etc for professional advancement

  • Publish or present at least one paper a year in professional journals or conferences on subjects relevant to therapeutics and practice of pharmacy

  • Assists in providing clinical experience to pre-registration pharmacists and pharmacy students and students on attachment

  • Represents the pharmacy on various committees as assigned by the head of Pharmacy

  • Undertake publication of patient education material with approval from senior pharmacist

  • Setting-up pilot schemes or new services with approval from senior pharmacist

  • Setting of selling prices of goods with approval from senior pharmacist

  • Make recommendations for changing of pharmacy procedures and policies

  • Assist the senior pharmacist in reviewing policy and procedure manuals on a regular basis


Job Requirements:

  • Possess Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from an accredited college of Pharmacy
  • Registered with the Singapore Pharmacy Council
  • Hospital experience desired but not necessary
  • Able to work independently
  • Good listening and communication skills
  • Possess basic supervisory and management skills