Assistant Manager, Clinical Services Planning & Integration

Job ID:  4595
Job Function:  Administration
Institution:  National University Health System


With a focus on strengthening nursing home end-of-life care support, the Job Holder will be part of the Priority 6A (P6A) team under the Clinical Services Planning & Integration (CSPI) Division. The CSPI division facilitates and manages the development of cross-sectoral, end-to-end care plans for NUHS Population Health Strategy 6 (pathways for conditions with significant disease burden). The P6A team will work closely with relevant internal stakeholders and external stakeholders to enable the roll out of cluster support for nursing home.


Job Responsibilities

1. Support nursing home (NH) project management

  • Provide operations and administrative support to the team lead for NH projects under CSPI. This includes support for:
    • Development and implementation of P6A initiatives – contribute in drafting, follow up, and issuance of appropriate paperwork for projects such as service agreements
    • Tracking and monitoring of project timelines
    • Programme evaluation and review – assist in data collection, collation, and ensure smooth data submission and reporting process from NH and/or partners
    • Conducting audit and service feedback review exercise, including onsite activities and survey (i.e. at nursing home sites)
    • Tracking, coordinating, processing and maintaining the records for project-related funding reimbursements or disbursements


2. Meeting & Engagements

  • Support team lead to organise and coordinate meetings and engagements with both internal (including specialists and primary/community care leads) and external stakeholders (ITLC partners including nursing homes)
  • Draft minutes and follow up on matters arising
  • Where needed, support team lead to work with internal and external stakeholders to collate information and submit regular reports required by management or committees


3. Online learning management platform

  • Facilitate roll out and maintenance of e-learning platform modules for NH partners to access and participate.
  • Assist team lead to convert and upload online learning materials into e-learning platform
  • Hold the administrator account and facilitate customised allocation of modules to specific NH partners
  • Gather and collate participation rates and pre/post-learning assessment results
  • Issue certificates of completion to participants


4. Any other tasks as assigned



Qualification Required and Area of Discipline

Good degree in any discipline, preferably in Life Sciences, Business Administration etc.


Required Competencies and Capabilities (Skills, Experiences and Professional Licences)

  • 2 years of working experience, preferably related to healthcare sector
  • Possess confidence to work with internal and external stakeholders of different levels
  • Ability to multi-task and work under tight timelines
  • Flexibility to adapt and work under a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape
  • Good analytical and organization skills
  • Good writing, communication, problem solving, and presentation skills