Assistant Manager, PCN (Account Management), RHSO

Job ID:  4768
Job Function:  Administration
Institution:  National University Health System

Oversee NUHS Primary Care Network (PCN) at assigned region, and provide administrative and ops support for NUHS GP Partners and GP Lead. Oversee the partnership with Family Medicine Clinics, PCN and FMC related audits and involved in developing training for GPs.


  • Oversee the NUHS PCN operations at assigned region
  • Engage potential NUHS GPs for enrolment
  • Engage existing NUHS PCN GPs
  • Organise training/CME
  • Engage service providers for ancillary services and oversee the service agreement
  • Support NUHS PCN for COVID-related matters
  • Support NUHS PCN for right-siting and sub-drug related matters
  • Oversee the NUHS PCN administration at assigned region
  • Organise quarterly meetings
  • Secretariat for quarterly meetings
  • Oversee data collection
  • Manage NUHS PCN-related claims and reimbursement
  • Oversee tagging of patients to NUHS PCN programme and GPs
  • Oversee the partnership with FMC partners
  • Support the administrative duties related to FMC
  • Engage FMC as service provider to NUHS PCN
  • Oversee the PCN and FMC audit
  • Enforce appropriate internal controls
  • Work with internal stakeholders to support
  • Healthier SG developments and initiatives as required



Bachelor degree preferably in health and social related fields

Minimum 2 years in healthcare related experience