Executive/Senior Executive, HR CoE - Learning, Leadership Development and Scholarship

Job ID:  6334
Job Function:  Administration
Institution:  National University Health System

Executive/Senior Executive, HR CoE Learning, Leadership Development and Scholarship (3 years contract)


Main Duties and Responsibilities




  1. Support in the implementation and management of initiatives for the MOH JST project, ensuring the cluster as well as workgroup meet the target outcomes within the agreed timeline and approved funding.
  2. Support any communication between MOH and 3 healthcare clusters to clarify expectations, outline solutions and document costs, timelines and workflows of MOH JST project.
  3. Work with the Workgroup Leads, and stakeholders to develop detailed workplan, project milestones, budget/resourcing requirements for the MOH JST project, and subsequently work with each of the stakeholders to ensure these initiatives/milestones are completed in a timely and cost-efficient manner.
  4. Assist to track, monitor, analyse and report project progress and KPIs to the Project Director /Head of Department, Workgroup Leads, and MOH on a regular basis. You are responsible to flag out any issues (e.g. potential delays, misalignment across clusters) to the Project Director/Head of Department in a timely manner, and make sound recommendations.
  5. Perform secretariat duties (e.g. schedule regular MOH JST project meetings, take minutes for meeting, follow-up on matters arising).
  6. Support the budgeting process, which includes projecting budget requirements, tracking and monitoring of budget utilization to ensure we operate within the budget approved.
  7. Draft work instructions and work processes to support the work required for MOH JST, and ensure all project documents are safely archived upon project completion.





  1. Support any audit activities required by MOH.
  2. Prepare reports to MOH.
  3. Support funding/claim submission to MOH.
  4. Assist to carry out any other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements




Bachelor Degree holder and above




  1. Preferably 1 to 2 years of relevant experience in project management.
  2. Meticulous and analytical.
  3. Good digital literacy and MS office skills.
  4. Possess good organisational, coordination and project management skills.
  5. Good stakeholder engagement skills.
  6. Good interpersonal skills, and strong communication skills (both verbal and written).