Manager, Innovation, Quality Improvement and Training

Job ID:  6689
Job Function:  Administration
Institution:  National University Hospital


National University Hospital is embarking on a strategy to build a more holistic Innovative and Quality Improvement culture and this successful candidate will be part of this enriching journey.

We are looking for results-oriented and committed individual with a passion for innovation and quality improvement. We encourage you to apply for this exciting opportunity and join us in our mission to drive excellence and innovation across the organization.


Primary Responsibilities and Duties

  • Support Chair of Kent Ridge Office of Innovation on planning and driving of newly set-up office, developing necessary approval papers and documents, establishing new department processes, including timeline management, stakeholder engagement, tracking of project progress and deliverables.
  • Lead and develop innovation capabilities and implement new innovations into the culture to influence the overall operations.
  • Facilitate Quality Improvement and Innovation workshops such as lean and human-centred tools to impart knowledge and skills to hospital staff.

Desirable Technical Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree Business Analytics/Computer Science/Engineering/Business Administration or related fields.
  • Ability to leverage technology solutions to support quality improvement initiatives.
  • Proficient in programming tools such as Python and RPA and good understanding of AI tools to help boost productivity.
  • Proficient in LEAN/Six Sigma/AGILE/Design Thinking/Behavioural Insights preferred.
  • Certified Train-the-trainer (ACTA/ACLP) or equivalent preferred.

Desirable Soft Skills

  • Highly motivated self-starter and able to collaborate effectively across different stakeholders and work through people in the hospital such as doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, administrators and Senior Leaders.
  • Strong project management experience, action-oriented and results-oriented.
  • Curious and eager to find new knowledge and be critical to staying updated on the latest developments in healthcare.
  • Able to work independently and as a team.
  • Ability to perform even under tight timelines.
  • Excellent communication, writing, interpersonal, and presentation skills.
  • Passion for driving innovative culture and creating positive change within the organization.