NUH Department of Cardiology, Resident Physician

Job ID:  3786
Job Function:  Medical
Institution:  National University Hospital

Resident Physician Duties and Responsibilities


  1. Responsible for the overall supervision and day-to-day running of the wards, including patient care. Shall demonstrate good diagnostic and clinical management acumen.


  1. Responsible for the supervision and teaching of House Officers, Medical Officers and Trainees.


  1. See all cold referrals not specially referred to any consultant by name.


  1. Responsible for seeing urgent referrals while on night duty.


  1. Inform the Consultant on call of all difficult and complex cases that are admitted into the ward or referred for an opinion.


  1. Expected to do ward rounds at night and outside of office hours when on call and during admitting nights.


  1. In emergency situations and outside of office hours, Resident Physicians and Senior Resident Physicians may also oversee the write out and sign all consultation referral letters.


  1. Responsible for the compilation of Confidential Mortality Reports for submission to the Chairman Medical Board through the Head of Department.


  1. A Resident Physician or Senior Resident Physician in charged of a ward may also represent the ward or hospital at Coroner’s inquests or medico-legal hearings involving patients in his/her particular ward.


  1. Expected to attend and participate in all departmental ward rounds including the combined Hospital teaching seminars, clinic-pathological case conference etc.


  1. In surgical disciplines, Resident Physicians and Senior Resident Physicians have additional duties of carrying out elective and emergency operations to the level of complexity permitted by senior staff of the department.


  1. Resident Physicians and Senior Resident Physicians of surgical disciplines should teach Medical Officers basic operative procedures and guide them when necessary.


  1. Resident Physicians and Senior Resident Physicians shall possess specialty knowledge and show enthusiasm in improving knowledge.


  1. Perform any other duties as directed by Head of Department or the Chairman Medical Board of the hospital.


  1. May be required to perform the duties of the next lower grade, if necessary.