Job ID:  2399
Job Function:  Allied Health
Institution:  National University Hospital

1. Job Purpose

An Orthoptist is responsible to provide personalized, specialized and cost-effective care to the patients in accordance to established hospital policies and procedures, standards of orthoptic care and practices.

2. Duties and Responsibilities

2.1 Primary Responsibilities and Duties (80%)

2.1.1. To perform orthoptic assessment of patients with ocular motility disorders.

2.1.2. To perform the prism cover test for the measurement of strabismus.

2.1.3. To conduct binocular visual function assessment (including tests of stereopsis, field of binocular single vision, Hess chart, synoptophore).

2.1.4. To conduct visual assessment for a non-verbal child.

2.1.5. To provide patient education of health, safety and infection control.

2.2 Secondary Responsibilities and Duties (20%): Specialist service

2.2.1 To prescribe and manage low vision.

3. Job Specification/Requirements

3.1 Qualification:

3.1.1 Degree in Orthoptics. Those with Diploma but with a few years of relevant working experiences will also be considered.

3.2 Experience:

3.2.1 Preferably with minimum 2 years of working experiences. Fresh graduates are welcome to join us.

3.3 Skills:

3.3.1 Possess good interpersonal and communication skills