Pre-Registration Pharmacist, NUHS Pharmacy

Job ID:  4101
Job Function:  Pharmacist
Institution:  National University Health System

Professional Services

- Accurate dispensing of medicine to right patient including the preparation, labelling and dispensing of medications and other pharmaceutical supplies in accordance with physicians’ prescriptions 

- Identify, assess and resolve any drug-related problems

- Provide counseling services 

- Provide drug information and advice to healthcare professionals and the community

- Provide quality customer service

- Provide minor ailment and health promotion advice 


Training and Development (others)

- Provide guidance to pharmacy and pharmacy technician students on attachment

- Conduct training sessions to enhance knowledge and skills of team members


Training and Development (self)

- Fulfill all requirements as stipulated by organization and SPC for pre-registration training 

- Attend regular PSS pre-registration training sessions

- Complete assignments in a timely manner

- Keep up to date with readings


Personal attributes

- Initiative, drive and ability to work in a fast-paced environment

- Team-oriented

- Good communication skills


Working Hours

5.5 days' work week (Non-shift)


Working Location

National University Polyclinics (NUP) - West Region