Senior Executive Assistant, Carehub Ops, RHSO

Job ID:  5608
Job Function:  Administration
Institution:  National University Health System

As a Staff in Carehub Ops, you are responsible for supporting the division in Centralised Ops and administrative matters, ensuring that the division is operationally ready. You play a critical role in providing high-level support to senior executives and the overall management team. Your exceptional organizational skills, discretion, and ability to handle complex tasks will be instrumental in facilitating the smooth operation of the office.


Your key responsibilities include:

  1. Coordinate and facilitate staff training programs and workshops, ensuring proper documentation and tracking of training activities and budget.
  2. Support procurement activities by researching and identifying potential suppliers. You will be responsible for requesting and reviewing price quotations, negotiating terms, and making purchase recommendations. Your role will also involve maintaining inventory records and ensuring the timely delivery of goods and services.
  3. Play a vital role in the on-boarding process of new employees, handling administrative tasks such as coordinating paperwork, setting up workstations, and providing necessary resources. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing off-boarding activities, including collecting company assets, conducting exit interviews, and updating relevant records.
  4. Monitor and maintain inventory levels, liaise with vendors for procurement, and ensure the distribution and allocation of supplies to staff members.
  5. Collaborate with the finance department to track and monitor budgetary expenditures.
  6. Coordinate and schedule meetings which will involve booking conference rooms, arranging necessary equipment, and ensuring all logistical aspects are well-organized. Additionally, you will prepare meeting agendas, document minutes, and follow up on action items. Additionally, you will have a crucial role in organizing HOD’s schedules, ensuring optimal time management, and coordinating meetings with internal and external stakeholders. You will be responsible for proactively identifying suitable meeting times, considering availability, priorities, and any time-sensitive commitments. This will involve coordinating with various individuals and departments to find mutually convenient meeting slots.
  7. Assist in the preparation and distribution of internal communications, such as newsletters, memos, and announcements. You will be responsible for maintaining internal communication channels, such as email lists, ensuring effective and timely dissemination of information.
  8. Coordinate the leasing process for laptops and other necessary equipment for new employees. Your responsibilities will include ensuring timely delivery of leased items, as well as assisting in the setup and configuration of laptops for new joiners.
  9. Undertake additional administrative tasks as required. These may include data entry, filing, and providing general office support. You will also have the opportunity to support other departments with various projects and initiatives on an as-needed basis.