Senior Family Physician / Family Physician*

Job ID:  240
Job Function:  Medical
Institution:  National University Polyclinics

You will be involved in patient management, team based care, education, research and audit activities for the benefit of our patients and the clinic. You will also lead a team in providing holistic patient care for our patients.


You will be part of the larger NUHS system playing an active role in developing an end-to-end approach to meeting the challenges of an aging population and increasing demand for medical services.


You shall demonstrate good diagnostic assessment to the patients and perform any other duties as directed by the Head of Polyclinic and NUP.


Candidates with leadership qualities will be considered for leadership roles in the organization.


Job Requirements

  • Family Physician accredited and registered into the Family Physician Accreditation Board (FPAB) and the Singapore Medical Council (SMC)
  • At least 3 years of experience as Medical Officer or similar experience with at least 1 year in Primary Care setting (Polyclinic or General Practice work)
  • Good clinical skills and judgment in patient management
  • Good interpersonal skills and rapport with patients, caregivers and colleagues
  • Willingness to continually update professional knowledge and skills