Senior / Staff Nurse*

Job ID:  1282
Job Function:  Nursing
Institution:  National University Hospital

Career in NUH

Join our incredible team at the National University Hospital (NUH), where we believe that a hospital is more than just a workplace. Every day, we witness the remarkable impact that our healthcare professionals can have on individuals, families, and entire communities. At NUH, we are driven by a shared purpose – to lend a helping hand to those in need, to be a source of support and healing, and to empower patients to live their best lives. We are looking for passionate and committed individuals to join us as we transform lives and create a lasting impact in the lives of our patients. The impact you make at NUH will be profound, regardless of the role you take up in the hospital.


About NUH

The National University Hospital (NUH) is Singapore’s leading university hospital, with a proud heritage dating back to 1905 with the establishment of what’s now the NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Our strong ties with the medical school have shaped us into a unique institution, allowing us to seamlessly integrate clinical care with teaching and research. As a university hospital, we go beyond the realm of providing tertiary medical care. We are a hub of knowledge and innovation, attracting healthcare professionals who are passionate about pushing boundaries and making significant contributions to the field.


NUH Nursing Department

We are seeking a dynamic, resilient and highly dedicated Senior/ Staff Nurse. NUH nurses are warm, passionate and exemplary professionals; committed to care with empathy, practise with integrity, and always aiming for excellence. Our Nursing leadership strongly advocates a nurturing environment for nurses, encouraging innovation and collaboration to ensure that the most Incredible Care can be provided to our patients. As such, we empower our nurses at every level to shape and govern their own clinical practices. As a Senior/Staff Nurse, you are a key member of the department and your work will have great impact on the patients!  


Duties and Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities and Duties (80%)

  • Assesses patients’ needs on admission and daily throughout their hospital stay
  • Plans and implements care according to the assessed need
  • Evaluates and monitors patients’ progress according to planned care
  • Documents care given and monitors outcomes on the established charts and forms
  • Carries out treatments and investigations as prescribed by physicians
  • Communicates and discusses patients’ progress and response to treatment with physicians, nursing and allied health colleagues involved in the patient care
  • Follows-up to ensure continuity of patient care and treatment plans
  • Delivers safe and competent nursing care
  • Participates actively in physicians’ rounds
  • Prepares and assists physicians with procedures done on patients
  • Collaborates and co-operates with physicians and other health-care providers in the smooth delivery of patient care and services
  • Demonstrates clinical skills, knowledge and critical thinking in the delivery of patient care
  • Displays compassion, a positive and caring attitude towards patients as well as to internal and external clients
  • Provides patient/family information and education on disease prevention, health education and rehabilitation techniques
  • Demonstrates proper use and care of equipment
  • Demonstrates proper and economical usage of consumables and supplies
  • Maintains a clean and safe working environment
  • Supervises and guides new/junior staff in their work as well as nursing students on posting
  • Assumes the role as Staff Nurse in-charge
  • Demonstrates competency in all core competencies and unit specific programs implemented by Nursing Administration


Secondary Responsibilities and Duties (20%)

  • Participates in clinical and service quality activities as well as research study
  • Demonstrates awareness of current nursing and health care practices
  • Assumes additional responsibilities as assigned by Nursing Officers, Senior Nursing Officers, Assistant/Deputy Director (Nursing) and Chief Nurse


Job Specification/Requirements

  • Registered Nurse
  • Diploma in Nursing or Degree Nursing from recognized training institution as approved by the Singapore Nursing Board
  • Able to perform 3 rotating shift


Join Us!

When you join NUH, you become part of a dynamic and collaborative environment where expertise, knowledge, and compassion all come together. Working in healthcare offers satisfaction that extend far beyond the ordinary. The smiles of gratitude from patients and the profound sense of fulfilment that comes from helping others cannot be measured. It is a career that allows for both personal and professional growth. The challenges you encounter in this rapidly evolving industry push you to constantly expand your knowledge and skills, as well as encourage lifelong learning. Be a part of a team that gets to create a transformative healthcare experience for our patients and professionals alike.  


Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.