Job ID:  3709
Job Function:  Allied Health
Institution:  Jurong Community Hospital

Therapist Assistants assist in clinical, administrative and technical duties to facilitate the therapists in carrying out their owrk. They perform simple therapeutic tasks under supervision/ guidance by the therapists. 


The job scope may require rotation of duties to varied settings in- and out-patient of PT/OT/ST/Pod Departments. 


KRA include:

1. Clinical responsibilities  - ensure safety of patients, providing relevant and accurate feedback provided to therapists; carry out interventions safely and optimally

2. Operations management  - ensure patients receive timely therapy services and therapeutic devices promptly; faulty equipment are not used by patients and repairs are expedited; work environment is clean and adheres to infection standards

3. Administration - consumables and stocks are always available for amooth operations and therapy; inventory kept up to date

4. Training - attend training to improve skills and knowledge for better patient care

5. Quality improvement - contribute to 1 project annually; accurate data collection and records 


General responsibilities: provide help that therapist need in clinical, administrative and technical duties pertaining to patient care.